Country: Zarubain
Region: Parbée
Population: 15,000


A huge stone bridge-castle stretches over the River Zarube. On the northern side of the river is Parballon, seat of the County of Parbée. The city has a very eastern character, and its citizens prefer hearty beer to the fine wines of the west and south. Parballon, a sizeable town, derives most of its wealth from the lumber trade. Surrounding the city are farms, but a few miles to the west, a traveler will reach the eaves of the Silver Forest. From the darkness of the trees come Black Wolves, which often prey on livestock.


One of the strangest customs of Parballon is the Wolf Dance held every spring. The people dress up in wolf masks and dance around pyres, singing dark hymns to Tyr, god who created the Black Wolves. They believe that this will stop the Black Wolves from attacking their flocks at night, though the success rate is open to debate.

Around late summer and early fall, many leave the town for the Beergarden in Almania.


The Count of Parbée is Lothar Vis Gedalfus. The pale, strangely-featured members of the House Gedalfus rarely visit the commoners and indeed, rarely leave the castle. However, they often grant pardon to those who offend them and are generally well-liked in Parballon. Still, many rumors persist about them.

Trutlénos Castle also functions on a bridge; the House Gedalfus is charged by the king to bar suspicious characters from entering. However, being so far from Zarubad, the king holds little power over Count Lothar. Indeed, if he is indebted to anyone, his liege is the Grand Duke of Almania to the northeast.

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