Population: approx. 70,000
Country: Zarubain
Region: Orr
Nicknames: “The Gateway to the East.” “The Gem of County Orr.”

Tournay is the third largest city in the kingdom of Zarubain. It is located on the edge of the county of Orr, a productive farmland. The city is built on the banks of the River Zandie. On the other side of the Tournay Bridge lie the smaller town of Pontieu and the viscounty of Surrevere.

Tournay has almost 100 wine shops, selling all varieties—even Elven Wine (Gerusivel) from faraway lands. Thanks to the numerous vineyards and orchards of Orr, the town has grown wealthy on wine. It exports much of it: Orr wines fetch high prices in the east of Zarubain and beyond.


Tournay was inhabited since recorded history. The House Cardigne has ruled over it since Queen Melisande appointed her knight, Sir Garzon Cardigne, the leader. After the Wars of Expansion, it grew from a tiny village to a bustling town thanks to its location on the major trade routes.


  • The second-largest cathedral (after The Lady’s Cathedral in Zarubad) is in Tournay. Humbly called the Church of Feanara the Maiden, it can be seen above the walls.
  • The famous Knights of Lorh have their main commandery here, as do several other orders.
  • The University of the Arcane Arts, the Western Kingdoms’ premier training-ground for wizards, is located a half-mile upriver from Tournay in the town of Riverwood. Access, however, is difficult, as the entire campus is walled off and blocked to outsiders.
  • The Cardignes are known as an erudite noble family devoted to scholarly pursuits. They built the immense Library of Tournay in 776, and expanded it constantly over the years. Count Verne vis Cardigne established a law in 781: if an unfamiliar book enters Tournay, it must be copied and the copy must be added to the library.


  • The city is known across the kingdom as the site of the Fairs of County Orr: huge twice-yearly gatherings that draw people from as far away as Blaus and Parbée. The Summer Fair celebrates the goddess Feanara, while the Winter Fair celebrates the god Cerne. During the fairs, there are knightly tournaments, free food, abundant wine, and general celebration.

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