Region: The Grand Duchy of Almania
Nation: Zarubain
Population: 50,000

The town of Alzdorf is the seat of Almania. The town in the White Mountains, miles from the Great Wald, and is the fourth largest after Zarubad, Carribor and Tournay. In Alzdorf, even elves can become full subjects of the Grand Duke. The Durkheim family, which rules Almania, has taken to enlightened virtues — banning the practice of slavery among Almanians and replacing the death penalty with hefty fines and prison sentences.

Elves serve in the army of the grand duke, Wolfram ve Durkheim, and an order of elven knights serves under him. For years the King of Zarubain has demanded the end of the freed elves policy, but his pleas have gone unanswered. In reality, the king has little power over the distant grand duchy of Almania.


A visitor to Alzdorf would see a city of stone with a series of peaks in the distance. Most buildings are stone, thanks to the plentiful material. Water is piped down from the high mountains, which allows a large population to flourish.

  • The Great Hoff: A large fortress in the center of town, raised up on an artificial hill, where the Durkheims live.
  • The Greatminster: A large church dedicated to Tyr. The god of war has a strong following among the Durkheims and their knights.
  • Light’s Grove: An open park where the elves congregate.
  • The Monastery of Saint Clermont: A monastery of fighting monks, dedicated to Heron.
  • The Grand Alehouse: A large tavern and inn near the Greatminster.

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