Church of the Forest Heart

Holy Site
Region: County Dalphine
Nation: Zarubain

A short walk from the village of Saint Bertolda in the Sylvene Woods of County Dalphine lies a large church.

The Church of the Forest Heart is a center for pilgrims across the Eastern Heartlands. Little known to most Zarubes  but beloved by the devout, it is said to possess the glowing, radiant heart of a woodwo in a cage of feygold. Those who behold the Forest Heart are said to receive new life and personal growth.

A priestess resides in the Church of the Forest Heart, together with her handmaids and priestesses in waiting. Reverend Daughter Alyssant is known for her devotion to the Goddess and her compassion for her parishioners. She is a zealous protector of the Forest Heart and will only allow pilgrims of good character to see it. Those who see the Forest Heart are marked on their foreheads with ash and then given a blessing.

The Forest Heart

The Forest Heart is burning hot and radiates heat even within its feygold cage. Looking directly at it is unadvised and can damage one’s sight. Pilgrims who travel to see it must make a donation of three deniers or a day’s hard labor.