The Wilderlands

Capital: None

Wilderfolk is a pejorative Gallian term for a people calling themselves the Eirmen. The Wilderlands, or Eirmain, is a vast region of woodlands and plains southeast of Gallia and directly south of Kardir. They are a fundamentally disunited people, having several kings in a perpetual state of war. Their greatest settlement is the hill fort of Ludun, ruled by King Connacht, on the High Plains of Morhaig. However, no settlement approaches the size of the towns and cities of Gallia.


Though Eirmain is generally patriarchal, Eirwomen can own land and fully inherit their husbands’ estate. In Eirmain history, there are many examples of queens ruling autonomously.

Eirmain has no tradition of literacy, and the few who can write use Gallian script. Writing is considered immoral by the cultists (see below) and history was traditionally passed down through song and folk ballad.


The farmers of Eirmain grow enough wheat, barley and fruit for themselves and perhaps their lords, but rarely sell their crops to the outside world. They trade pipeweed, furs, and mooncrystal (mined from plentiful deposits) for iron and certain other items. Currency, however, is unknown, and Eirmen traders balk at being paid in coin.


In ancient days, Eirmen warriors wore no armor, going into battle naked save for war paint. Their traditional weapon is the Eir club, a wooden weapon weighted with lead. However, the much deadlier spear and shield have largely replaced it.


The kings and their warriors officially rule Eirmain, but everyone fears the power of the cultists. The Moon Cult is said to have powers of star-fire, bursts of light and jolts of healing. Members of the Beast Cult can shift into the shapes of wolves, bears and birds. The two cults have always been at war, but sometimes join forces for mutually beneficial causes. Common to both cults are a love for smoking pipeweed as well as a vast knowledge of plants and herbs and a focus on brewing potions.


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