Region of the Southern World

Take a ship south from Shush, past the far-off island of Saidoon, and — after weeks, perhaps months, at sea — provided a storm or something darker does not take you, a green horizon will appear.

Molkoro, the Dark Continent, is an incredibly vast, densely forested, and largely unexplored land: a world shrouded in a thick jungle, which the Fharese consider inherently cursed. Some sages say the land itself is under the control of Shemesh, the Dark One.


The Fharese have established nominal control over Molkoro — the equivalent of establishing “control” over a vast desert. Some outposts remain along the shore, threatened by the darkness within the jungle’s heart.

The Fharese King of Kings has sent crews of explorers to map Molkoro; they have never gotten very far. To navigate, they must hack through clogging vines and thorny bushes with machetes. The few who return tell tales of abandoned ruins or stories of pygmies that sacrifice humans to Shemesh.

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