Region of Fharas
Capital: Taifun (population 100,000)

In the steaming hot forests of Shush, tigers stalk prey, snakes lie in wait and monkeys swing from tree to tree.Though a wild and dangerous country, Shush is home to Fharas‘s greatest city, Taifun.


Storms from the South Seas batter the region at intervals, ranging from fierce rainstorms to the dreaded hurricane. Widespread destruction often ensues, causing incredible damage even to Taifun — a firm city of stone.

The north of Shush, up to the border with the High Plain, is a thick jungle. Mangrove swamps dominate the southern littoral. Much of the country has been cleared for orange and lemon groves, tea and cotton plantations, and pastures.


The sabertooth cat stalks the forests of Shush. Hunters fear encountering the sabertooth above all, for few who look into its glittering eyes survive to tell the tale.

When the first Fharese settlers arrived, few could believe their eyes when they saw the “wild men of the forest” —now termed apes. The apes of Shush travel in family groups, seeking fruit and leafy greens. Though herbivorous, they can make deadly enemies when cornered.

Elephants once wandered Shush, but were hunted to extinction for ivory. The fossilized remains of dragons can be seen in some parts of the jungle. A legend is told of the Giant Centipede which paralyzes its prey with a sting, then devours it whole.


The farmers Shush mainly grow lemons, oranges, tea and cotton. All the goods of the Southern World — Haroon spice, Fharese carpets, silk cloth and more — pass first through Shush via Taifun before the road to the High Plain and eventually, the north.