Nation: Sea Raider States
Population: 25,000 free men and 50,000+ slaves

Karthoon is the largest of the Sea Raider cities and the oldest. It is a vast city surrounded by a high stone wall. Beyond its reaches are countless pipeweed and sugar plantations worked by slaves. Rice is also grown, as are plantains and tea. War between the city-states often disrupts trade and agriculture, however.


The city is two square miles facing a natural bay.
The slave mart is in the center of the city, just before the bey’s palace. Merchant homes can be found in the east and west of the city.


An immense statue rises from the waters of Karthoon Bay, to some a sign of the city’s utter cruelty. The statue, dominating the entirety of a minor islet, portrays the ancient bey Uzzik with a foot on a slave’s head and a chain in hand; it is considered a warning to slaves thinking of escape.


Karthoon is noted in that, like the other Sea Raider States, the majority of the population is enslaved. Slaves are branded on their left arms and must wear red scarves around their necks. They are often chained.