Nation: The Sea Raider States
Population: 18,000 free men plus 40,000 slaves

Barbela is a large Sea Raider city east of Karthoon.


Like other Sea Raider city-states, Barbela’s economy is based on slavery. It captures slaves from coastal regions around the South Seas and often will go deep into the interior of Megiddo to find them.

Barbela is recognized by other Sea Raider cities to have a monopoly on trade to Ascalor.


Barbela lies just a short distance across the sea from Janshi, the capital city of the semi-mythical Elephant Kingdom. However, the seas there are treacherous, cursed by violent winds, and the kingdom forbids outsiders, so trade is minimal.

As the easternmost part of the South Seas, the city of Barbela considered the last western stop for ships headed to the Far East.

The city is sprawling, about three square miles in size, surrounded by tea plantations. It has no natural bay but instead an artificial harbor. The slave mart stands in its center.


Like Karthoon, slaves are branded and required to wear red scarves. They form the majority of the population.