Nation: Fharas
Capital: Saidoon

Saidonia is an immense island in the South Seas, considered exotic and remote even by the Fharese king who nominally rules it.


Saidonia is dominated by rainforest from one shore to the other, but vast snow-capped peaks can be seen emerging through the trees. Its most notable wildlife are its tigers, who display a
diverse array of colors and sizes. Many breeds of tiger have been tamed by Saidooni natives and the so-called “tiger tamers” often serve as shock troops in the Fharese armies.


Saidonia’s main exports are opium and Saidooni honey. Poppies are grown in vast plantations run by freedmen. Apiaries are everywhere, especially near the capital, and the honey in Saidonia is noted for its unique taste.


Saidonia has traditionally been ruled by a queen, with kings serving as consorts. The queen also traditionally has concubines who attend to her every need.


Winter in the north is the dry season for Saidonia, while summer is the rainy season. Sunshine is plentiful all year round, however, and the temperature is constantly warm.

Great sea-storms are known to strike Saidonia but natives have learned to be ready for them.


Saidonia is home to flowers of unusual size. Condemned prisoners who committed heinous crimes are often fed to the giant fly-traps which grow near the capital.


  • The jungle: A vast untamed jungle which covers most of the island.
  • The Valley of Lotuses: Some explorers claim to have visited a place of supernal beauty, the home of the phi.