The Far East


The Far East is a land of myth to outsiders. Certain things are known and rumored, like the city of Xia on the edge of the Desert of Sinn.

The Celestial Emperor, also known as the Dragon King, is believed to be the wealthiest person in the world. The Forbidden Isle is said to be a place of serene shrines and picaresque beauty.

But outsiders are not welcome and foreigners are not allowed to reside in the cities and villages of the Far East. Trade is limited to various ports of call.

Beyond the Heavenly Mountains on the eastern extremity of the Desert of Hamma, a land of myth and legend lies, a place which is a fertile ground for the imagination in the minds of foreigners. But the Far East is closed off to those who are not born there, and those who are born there dwell alone.


  • Xia (pop. 2,000,000)