The Wall

The Wall marks the northern border of the Empire, stretching about 900 miles from the forests of Hybernia in the east all the way to the Western Sea. The Wall stands an imposing 30 feet high through its entire extent.


No one knows how the Wall was built or by whom. If a scholar searched all the libraries in the Empire, he would conclude it had always existed. Nevertheless, the Empire laid claim to it after assuming control of Gad, rebuilding it to 30 feet from its ruins under Emperor Tidus and his successors.


Two full Imperial legions are stationed on the wall to ward off the invasion of the Mekari and the Geaths.

One, stationed on the 530-mile stretch east of the river, is called the Border Legion or, more technically the 6th Bregantine Legion. In times of peace, they are the least active soldiers in the Empire. In times of northern aggression, they often suffer great casualties and few wish to join their ranks.

Another, stationed on the 370-mile stretch from the river to the Western Sea, is the Gate Legion or the 7th Bregantine Legion. They rarely see battle, but the emperor considers their presence necessary. They also maintain the Gate of Tidus and the correspondent path as it heads north to Mekara and, eventually, Zarubain.

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