The Blessed Isles


Region of Paladium
The Empire
 Hesperia (pop. 15,000)

The Blessed Isles, named for a mild climate and productive farmland, are a chain of islands off the coast of Paladium. The greatest city is Hesperia on the island of Hymnos.


Since ancient days, the Blessed Islanders have sold an eye balm which can cure many types of blindness. The ingredients and means of its making are kept a secret, by punishment of death. The eye balm can sell for upwards of one-hundred denara—beyond the means of any but the wealthiest.

Another of the Blessed Isles’ great exports is jet-black wool which is used for cloaks and tunics.


Eloesian colonists from the city of Thénai were the original inhabitants. Now, the Magisterium has planted monasteries and abbeys all around the islands. A paladin commandery can be found in Hesperia.

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