Nation: The Empire
Region: Gad

The River Nor is one of the prime tributaries of the River Gad. Its source is in the Bruindon Hills to the northwest.

The towns, villages and hamlets abridging the River Nor are collectively called Noricum. The prefect of Noricum resides in the regional capital and largest town, Tancreda.

In recent times, the region of Noricum is best known as the home of the former emperor, Numa Adamantus, who came from humble roots and is revered as a savior of the Empire. He hailed from the small town of Norriva.


  • Tancreda, pop. 1,200, capital of Noricum.
  • Norriva, pop. 800, hometown of Emperor Numa Adamantus.
  • Norrada, pop. 600, a village bordering the Rivers Nor and Gad.
  • Norwood, pop. 500, an idyllic village on the River Nor’s shore.