Carta Mega

Nation: The Empire
Region: Kheroe and the Desert
Population: 100,000

The town of Carta Mega quite literally straddles the edge of the desert. It supports its massive population by conserving every drop of rainfall and relying on deep underground wells, as well as employing careful dry-farming techniques passed on from generation to generation.

The city’s 3.5 square mile area is un-walled, since it has never had to fear invasion by land. Few can tolerate the desert just outside its perimeter. For defense, it has always relied on its navy.


Its naval power peaked in the 500s Y.E., at which time it was an ally of Khazidea and Fharas. It fought and frequently won battles against the Imperial Navy, then far inferior to its home fleet, and grew rich on trade. The Bel (lord) of Carta Mega had influence that outshone the Great King of Kheroe. In 512 Y.E. the bel Haveel dedicated a temple to Melkior, god of precious things, which remains a great wonder of the world.

Throughout the next five centuries, Carta Mega expanded in size as it began to welcome immigrants from across the Empire. Eloesians, Imperials, and even Getans found new lives as merchants and tradesmen there, until they began to outnumber the natives. It became an official Friend of the Empire in 901 Y.E. The city-state, however, remained independent, though heavily under the influence of the Empire, until the recent ceding of Kheroe.


  • The Grand Market: Stone dome-roofed edifices shield traders from the oppressive desert sun.
  • Hidden Way: The seedy street of Carta Mega, dominated by brothels.
  • The Temple of Melkior: A giant pillared temple in southron style, constructed of sandstone. Inside is a bronze image of the six-headed god, complete with an altar.

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