Kheroe and the Desert

Nation: The Empire
Capital: Zoar

The most recent Imperial province encompasses not just the green lands on the western side of the continent, but also the wide swath of desert between Kheroe and Khazidea.


The west of Kheroe is an area of moderate rainfall, allowing the growth of forest, though fires are a constant problem in the summer. The stone city of Kheroe with its famous beehive-shaped buildings and its giant lighthouse is perhaps best known to Imperials. However, many hundreds of farming villages abound throughout the area. Farms are fertile but not nearly as productive as the Khazan River Valley in Khazidea.


The desert between Kheroe and Khazidea is harsh and unforgiving, a desolate, dry and sandy place. The only inhabitants besides those of the major town of Carta Mega are ascetic monks and those who wish to escape the law. Travelers to Carta Mega, however, very rarely take the desert routes and instead elect to go by sea.


Traditionally Kheroe is considered the beloved nation of Atman, god of the sun, while its cousin Khazidea is the beloved nation of Issa, goddess of the moon. The War of Sun and Moon raged sometime before the first century Y.E., though it is now all but forgotten.

While Khazidea fell to Eloesus, then Fharas, and finally the Empire, Kheroe maintained its independence for the longest of any other people in Imperial orbit. A ceremonial Sun King still rules, though his title is arbitrary.


  • Zoar (pop. 20,000): The traditional capital of Kheroe.
  • Carta Mega (pop. 100,00): A large city and booming market town on the edge of the desert halfway between Kheroe and Khazidea, sustained by careful dry-farming techniques and imports.

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