Nation: The Empire
Province Capital: Haroon

Khazidea (native: Qa-zahr-illah) is a historic region and (recently) an Imperial province, bordered to the east by Eloesus and bordered to the west and north by water. To the south lies Fharas.

Khazidea  has two main centers of population: one in the east, the Khazan River Valley and Khazan River Delta; and—west through a treacherous desert—Kheroe, a swath of arable land along the coast. The administrative capitals of the regions are Haroon and Zoar, respectively, although both civilizations originally sprung from one people. Before the Imperials conquered the whole territory in the 1000s YE, Khazidea belonged to Fharas. Their cities gained great wealth from selling surpluses of grain from their productive fields.

As a people, the denizens of the Khazan River Valley were very pious in their devotion to their hundreds of gods. To the Imperials they earned a reputation as strange; their kings and queens were often siblings in order to preserve their “divine” bloodlines, and worshippers of certain gods sometimes practiced human sacrifice. In the western lands of Zoar it was different; closer to the Peregothian capital, they received much cultural influence from the north and were considered a “closer” in culture to the Imperials.

In bygone ages, they warred with the ancient Eloesian city-states to the east. When Fharas conquered them in the 150s YE, the emperor let the original monarchy continue to rule, although they were stripped of their powers and forbidden from raising armies.

Notable Towns

  • Saif: Population 10,000. A port city east of Haroon, originally called Hierapoli. Originally, it was a colony of Korthos.
  • Sharaf: Population 5,000. A port city west of Haroon once called Palma, it was founded by Thenoan colonists.

Tales featuring Khazidea

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