Region: Murk
Population: 5,000

The harpy capital is surrounded by a wooden palisade wall. Only the Watchtower can be seen from the outside.


Huts stick out of the muck by the hundred and smoke wafts up from their straw roofs. Throughout the streets are cages filled with snakes, some used for poison-making and some kept for companionship. Pet snakes and community-owned snakes can also be found slithering on the ground; they have a natural affinity for harpies.


  • The Apothecary: The center of poison making in the harpy kingdom, here the royal poison-crafters mix their concoctions and experiment with new ones, some to keep and some to sell to the outside world.
  • The Odynium: Odynomancers, sorcerers of pain and torture, are trained here.
  • The Watchtower: A watchtower and keep. The queen of the harpies and her coterie reside here.