The Isle of Serpents

Nation: The Empire
Province: Anthania

The Isle of Serpents is an island thirty miles off the coast of southwestern Anthania. Veiled in mist and covered in woodland and montane lakes, it is one of the most remote places in the world.


The island, about two-hundred square miles in size, is dominated by an immense volcano in its center. It gains its name from the numerous snakes and giant lizards that dwell within the island’s misty forests.


The Isle of Serpents, in ancient times, was called by the name Telantë and was the home of a large civilization.

During the Imperial conquest of Anthania, the legate Albus sailed into the Isle of Serpents with a great army. The entire population was exterminated.

The city of Telantë is now an overgrown ruin, and the island is uninhabited.