Paradise Gardens

500 in winter / 15,000 in summer

Paradise Gardens is a sprawling collection of villas in the foothills of the Goldenhorn Mountains. It has been a summer resort and gathering place for the Empire’s elites for centuries.


Located in east central Anthania, it was — according to legend — discovered by Imperial statesman Lucius Lornodoris shortly after the conquest of the peninsula. He marveled at the cool breeze which offered relief from the summer heat and decided to build a seasonal home. He constructed a villa in what is now called Golden Valley and was soon joined by other noblemen. The tradition of retiring here in the late summer, when the weather in Imperial City becomes unbearable, soon developed.


Paradise Valley is built within a network of valleys and hills. A cool breeze can often be found blowing down from the Goldenhorns. The sea is located around 120 miles away.

Military forts surround Paradise Gardens, providing protection and making entry difficult.


The Tavern, the settlement’s only inn, serves Korthian and other fine wines. It is often the center of activity in the summer months.