Region: Gallia
Population: 7,000

Strathbrad is a mining town located in the foothills of the Dragonteeth Mountains. It supplies the Gallian League with iron and coal and over the centuries, has grown rich from the trade. A border town on the hinterlands of the League, it faces the constant threat of rokahn raids and is heavily fortified.


The Curtain Wall is the first concentric wall surrounding the outer perimeter of Strathbrad. Between the Curtain Wall and the Inner Wall are many shops, homes, and small market squares. Within Strathbrad’s Middletown is Bighorn Keep, Gallia’s second largest keep, as well as the foundry and the Strathbrad Town Hall.


The Mountain Way leads to several mines and the Gallian-controlled High Country. The Great South Road eventually ends in Galiope. To the north, a poorly maintained path leads to Ironkeep and the Elven World, but it is not guarded by watchtowers like the other roads.


Strathbrad has a reserve of men-at-arms that can be called up at a moment’s notice. They have normally been enough to keep the rokahn at bay but lately the creatures’ numbers have been increasing.