Region: Gallia
Population: 21,000

Southkirk is a large town in the region of Gallia, the second largest in the league after Galiope.

Located south of the South Weald, it is surrounded by productive farms, mostly wheat and beans, and cattle ranches. The region surrounding Southkirk is considered the breadbasket of Gallia.

The town is home to St. Godfrey of the Fields, a large cathedral church that pilgrims come to from miles around, the seat of the Bishop, who also serves as mayor.


Southkirk’s origins as a cathedral town are reflected in its laws. Speaking ill of a saint is punished by fines or flogging. Failure to attend religious celebrations is considered illegal. Public drunkenness is severely punished.

But Southkirk is also a farming town, and the seasons play a big role in daily life. Harvest is the height of the year and winter is a time of relative relaxation.


The largest cathedral in Gallia is in Southkirk. It is named after St. Godfrey, an ancient Gallian who supposedly perished in the reign of a wicked king and who carried his lobbed-off head to the exact spot of the cathedral. The crypt hosts the saint’s reliquary and the church’s stained glass windows, depicting scenes from his life, rival the churches of Zarubain. On high holy days, the pews of St. Godfrey’s are filled with Southkirk townsfolk, and pilgrims come monthly from across Gallia to pray before the reliquary.