Region: Gallia
Population: 13,000

Leyshaw is a town near the Great Weald, close to Gallia’s border with the Wilderlands. It is surrounded by apple orchards and is a chief producer of cider.


The town is noted for its cleanliness. In the center is Apple Square and a church called St. Llewen of the Orchards. High Street pierces the town north to south, from Berry Gate to Apple Gate. Small gardens can be found throughout town which the townsfolk communally own.


Leyshaw shares strong Wilderfolk influences like Cardunnon but emphasizes its Gallian identity. Women may become aldermen and the mayor has always traditionally been a woman.


Leyshaw is the first stop for Wilderfolk entering Gallia and they are often looked down upon by the townsfolk. In Apple Square, Wilderfolk trade crystal, pipe weed and ore for various goods. This trade helps supply Gallia with items it lacks.


The current mayor is Morrigan Abarnon, known as a shrewd businesswoman and trader.