Population: 11,000
Region: Gallia

Estenberry is a sizeable town in the east of Gallia. Its dark roofed homes are lined up on the shores of Berrypool, a pond rumored to be the haunt of grindylows and mischievous spirits.
Estenberry and the region of Estenmere is rumored, wrongly or rightly, to be a haunt of witches. They are said to infuse common animals, mice, dogs, owls and more with magic and turn them into unwitting slaves, as well as shift shape and fly on broomsticks during the full moon. The mayor Godham Alvin insists this is nothing more than slander.
Some say a hag called Jenny Greenteeth lives in the woods outside Berrypool. Her grindylow servants are said to do her bidding and snatch people into the water.
The town, though not large, has a number of notable features. The cemetery is inside the town, bordering the market square. In the middle of that square is a large oak, called the Ghost Tree, whose leaves are used to tell the seasons. The streets are all of cobblestone, and by the shore of Berrypool is a makeshift harbor. As for churches, there is only one: St. Haelig of the Waters.