Region: Gallia
Population: 16,000

The town of Cardunnon is one of the chief towns of the Gallian League. As one of the league’s founding members, it holds a place of prominence in Gallia.


Cardunnon is built on a high hill, bordered by farms to its west and the Easter Weald to its north. In the center of town is Cardunnon Town Hall and the market square. The ancient Cardunnon Keep rises above the buildings.


Originally, it was Cardunnon and not Galiope that was the premier town of Gallia. What became Cardunnon was the original seat of the ancient Gallian kings. The town emerged from the Dark Age, however, imitating Galiope’s mayoral system of government. The League charter was signed by the first three members, Galiope, Cardunnon and Southkirk in 209 Y.E.


Women figure prominently into Cardunnon society and are allowed to own property in their own right, as well as become town aldermen. The town overall is heavily influenced by its Wilderfolk roots, especially with its art and architecture. This can especially be seen in Cardunnon’s main church, St. Gregoire’s, whose stained glass windows feature caricatured faces and bright, mesmerizing colors.


Salt is a main export of Cardunnon, as are books and scrolls, with its scribes and copyists known for their talent at illumination. The Cardunnon Codex is a famous heavily illustrated copy of religious texts housed in Galiope’s Town Hall.


Every autumn, the townsfolk of Cardunnon build a wicker man and fill it with apples and various foodstuffs, then set it alight and watch the treats cook. The so-called Wicker Festival is an attraction that draws many from outlying villages.