Country: The Empire
Province: Eloesus
Population: 200,000

A city whose best days are often considered long past, Imperiopoli has risen from the ashes of annihilation and found a new purpose in its reverence for the Empire.


Once the favored city of the “God-King,” Heidathra, in the last Eloesian-Imperial War, the original city (Heidathropoli) was completely burned to the ground in 510 YE. The former citizens were sold as slaves. On its remains, a new city was built in an organized grid layout: Imperiopoli. In the exact center of the new city the conquerors built a shrine to Imperium, the Spirit of Empire, and a tablet of stone that reads “Never again will we rebel”—both of which stand to this day. Over the years, the population steadily grew.


Imperiopoli is the center of the Imperial Cult, and a nexus-point of pilgrims traveling to the Shrine of Claudio-Valens and other popular shrines. It is not as wealthy or old as other cities in the province, giving it a less than stellar reputation among the Eloesian “old guard.” The Temple of Issa has served to further sully its reputation among the Imperials.


  • The Temple to All Emperors (Grand Temple of the Imperial Cult): The center of the Imperial cult. Started in 1010 YE, completed in 1025 YE.
  • Shrine to Claudio-Valens Adamantus the God: Built in 1004 YE.
  • The Temple to Amara: The goddess of motherly and romantic love has the largest temple in the city, not far from the less-reputable Temple of Issa. A 40-foot golden statue of Amara the Mother can be found in the vestibule. A visitor here can always smell incense burning.
  • The Temple to Issa: The goddess of fertility and the moon is a southern import. The 1,000 priestesses serve as vehicles of her fertility. This is the largest temple to the goddess in the Western Nations.

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