Religion: The Nurnen Elves have the same religion as the Lamen Elves, revering the concepts of Light and Life. Some say their affection for their reindeer borders on religion, though the Lord of Non denies this.
Flag: White stag rampant on a silver field.
Climate: Subarctic
Dates: The land of Non uses the elven dating system (Age of Humanity / A.H. / Xani Vardoren).


Nurnen males reach an average height of 5 ft 7 in (1.71 meters), while females reach an average of 5 ft 2 in (1.57 meters). Their most common hair color is a light brown, but varies. Their skin, though fair, has a nearly-imperceptible silver hue, leading some to call them the “Gray Elves.” Like other elves, they do not grow beards.


The Nurnen Elves’ best and most common warriors are their stag riders. The domesticated reindeer are sometimes dressed in steel barding, according to the situation. The stag riders are known for their fearlessness and swiftness, and for their devastating charge. The reindeer are considered hardier than horses, more muscular, and more resilient against common weapons.

Less in value are their archers, in most ways inferior to the Umen.


The lord of Non serves the King of Lamdar. He is not given the title of king (Indori) but instead just lord (Velddori). The current ruler is Lord Amalon (Velddor’ Amalon). They are nomads and herders; however, the ceremonial capital, often lying empty for months at a time, is called Nurnai.  

Two things make the Nurnen Elves famous: their stag riders and their spider silk. The Nurnen Elves weave a special spidersilk cloth (often called “elvencloth” by humans) which is one of the most valued fabrics in the world.


The Nurnen have few enemies; they are surrounded by allies to the east and west, and to the north is a barren wasteland. Their harmonious society means rebellion and infighting is almost unheard-of. They serve the Lamen Elves in war.

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