The Riverlands

Nation: Londor
Capital: Sarderon (pop. 15,000)

The Riverlands (Hannadoren) are located on the south-easternmost portion of Londor, where the River Saron meets the Eastern Sea. From the coastal port of Sarderon, several miles out to sea, lies the Iron Isle where the iron sorceresses have their headquarters. Northwest of Sarderon, in a dense forest, lies the Blood Keep where the blood sorcerers have their base of operations.


The Riverlands were once a thickly wooded area, covered in brambles and pine trees. Over time, much of the wetland was drained and the timber was harvested for building or sold to other nations. Much of the region remains heavily wooded, however.

Those wandering the secluded areas of the Riverlands should beware its natural fauna:

• Blood fiends, leftover experiments from the Blood Keep, resemble hulking apes with numerous spider-like eyes and wolf-like claws. Steel swords bounce off their blood-red hides like rubber. Like the druen of the far north, they thirst for blood. Like flies, they lay eggs in carcasses, a small portion of which turn into adult blood fiends.

Flamepelt panthers,  one of the natural wonders of the Riverlands, have coats that change color. The coats turn a burnt red-gold in summer, and pure white in winter. Their sapphire-like eyes are a fiery blue in summer and a pale, whitish blue in winter. They do not naturally prey on elves, but cornered or frightened flamepelt cats will often attack.


Sarderon, built in an estuary where the river meets the sea, is constructed on wooden piles, driven deep into the mud, and navigated via canals. The lord of Sarderon is called a minor lord (daurion) but, thanks to the town’s distance from Naremon, has nearly autonomous control over his subjects.

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