Region of Londor

Naremdor, the region surrounding the city of Naremon, is full of swamps, marshes and bramble forests. The swamps freeze over in the winter, but in the summer are thick and difficult to navigate. White Drakes, an acid-breathing variety of drake, are known to fly above the waters. The swamps are home to snakes and poisonous spiders, as well as a tribe of wild elves known as the Pavaren.

In Naremdor, shrines to Lady Nihil can be found in places of exceptional eerie beauty. They were once popular with pilgrims, but Pavaren bandits have driven the people away.


The undead: These wild lands were once home to the Sorcerer King Morgas and his attempted rebellion. His ruined castle lies in the bramble forests. Morgas and his armies were defeated at the hands of King Aimon the Black but Morgas’ necromancy has left a legacy in the Wailing Wraiths known to haunt the bramble forests.

White Drakes: These ferocious drakes are sometimes hunted for their iron thick scales, which can be crafted by leather makers into armor. Their acid glands are equally prized by alchemists.

Pavaren: These wild elves are known for their black and red body tattoos. They reside in the bramble forests and hunt with bows and spears. They often rob those who venture too far into their territory. They are the descendants of the Sorcerer King’s failed rebellion. Pavaren is a derogatory name meaning heathen; they call themselves the Morgaren.


Avoid Naremdor at all costs, except in large groups. Those traveling to the city should stick to the roads, which are protected by the Royal Guard.