Population: approx. 50,000
Region: Lamdar
Ruler: King Danthemari (assumed the throne in 1141 A.H. or 825 Y.E.) and Queen Rhioné

Danarion is called many things: the City of Light (Lunadarion); the House of the Gods (Mitri Danoren); and others. Among the elves it is known as a sacred place, a hallowed ground; and a sense pervades that, if Danarion falls, there is no hope.

With few exceptions, Danarion is a homogenously elven city. The only non-elves allowed beyond the general district are those designated as elf-friends (quilenthari)—a title given to very few.

The city was founded in time immemorial, thousands of years prior to the Age of Humanity (Xani Vardoren). It has been the seat of the Lamen kings and the center of the priesthood since unremembered time. Some wonder whether Danarion has always existed.


There are seven districts, three of which are considered sacred and three of which are off-limits to the public.

Quilendon / General Area

Non-elves are welcome to this main entrance area. Only elf-friends (quilentharen) are allowed beyond. Numerous markets are here. Also notable is the Shrine of Atonement, where penitents can offer sums of money before a narrow obelisk.

Peladdon / Fire District

Peladdon—one of the three holy, blocked-off districts of Danarion—is the center of the priesthood.

Luaddon / Light District

Luaddon—one of the three holy, blocked-off districts of Danarion—is the center of the lightbearers.

Amanddon / Healing District

Amanddon—one of the three holy districts of Danarion—is the center of the Healers. It is open to the public; however, all visitors must wash themselves and don the orange robes of holiness before entering.

In the center of Amanddon is the Healing House (Mitri Amantas). With exceedingly rare exceptions, only elves are admitted within its doors.

Viaddon / The Gardens

This district has no houses or shops by royal decree. The whole area is a garden dotted with gazebos and fountains. Harpists add to the overall sense of tranquility in this district.

Perendon / Steel District

Perendon is blocked off to the public. It is in the exact center of the city. It contains the king’s palace and a large garrison of soldiers. No non-elves are allowed inside at any time, even quilentharen (elf-friends.)

Hanaddon / Sea District

The only place where anything resembling vice can be found, Hanaddon is a center of whatever the Lamen Elves despise, within limits. Prostitution is officially forbidden, as it is viewed as a sadness (moritas); however, this rule is not enforced within the district.

The unsavory House of Mirth is a center of gambling, drunkenness, drugs, and illicit entertainments.

Despite the district’s poor reputation, it is agreed by the priests, the lightbearers, and the Healers that it is not to be destroyed. Anyone leaving from Hanaddon into an area other than the general district must wash themselves and make an offering at the Shrine of Atonement.

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