The Seáni

Imperial (Peregoti)
Patron Deity: Seladora
Motto: He holds the stars in his hands.

An ancient Imperial family of the August class.



  • The most common names for members of the Seánus family have traditionally been variants of Julius — Julius/Julio for men and Julia for women. Many have been named Julius or Julia Seánus and nicknames are used to distinguish them.


  • Starhome: A modest home in Peregoth.
  • Starseat: A house in Kings Terrace, Imperial City.
  • Starcrown Villa: A country manor in the elite enclave of Paradise Gardens.

Famous members:

  • Julio Seánus, emperor from 957-999 YE.
  • Julia Seánus, empress mother circa 999 Y.E. (not the Julia of Soldier of the Empire)
  • Giton Algabal Seánus, emperor 999 YE.

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