Heidathra, the God-King

Fharese and Eloesian
Nationality: Eloesian
Born: 461 YE
Died: 510 YE (age 49)

Although little is known about the city of Tharta (now Imperiopoli) before the Imperial destruction, and most records have been lost, one thing is certain: the Thartan royalty was cosmopolitan in its tastes.  Within the city walls, shrines to Fharese gods such as Athra were present and even popular. Tharta and the surrounding lands (Thartica) had an alliance with the King-of-Kings. Early on, the nobility of Tharta became mixed with Fharese blood, giving it an even more southern character than Ten Cities.

It was from this FhareseEloesian bloodline that Heidathra (“Sent by Athra” in Fharese) descended. Heidathra was born a year after Thénai fell to the Empire. Throughout his life he was taught to resent the “barbarians” that ruled Eloesus. In the initial conquest, Tharta was spared and the king was allowed limited control over Thartica. However, Heidathra’s mother Eloesa taught him to hate the Imperials. In 472, following his father’s death, he assumed the throne with great pomp and set about the task of freeing his nation from the Empire.

Heidathra selected the date of Anthanos 1, 480, for the time he would rebel. Under the nose of the Imperial governor Felix, he planned a coordinated rebellion.  It went as planned. The governor was murdered, and anyone of Imperial descent or suspected Imperial sympathies was killed.

Heidathra declared himself the God-King, and told the Eloesian populace that his father was Athra. His rebellion proved surprisingly long-lasting. The war lasted thirty years and much of old Eloesus was destroyed in the process. By 510 YE, the Grand Legate Caro had the city of Tharta (now named Heidathropoli) surrounded. Heidathra tried to abandon the city and flee to Khazidea, but the Imperial navy blocked the Thartan Inlet.

Remaining rebellious to his last breath, Heidathra summoned every able-bodied man in the city. With most of the population starving, he opened the gates and charged. He and his soldiers, weak with hunger, broke upon the Imperial force and were massacred.  The city of Heidathrapoli was completely razed to the ground, and the people were sold as slaves.

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