Emperor Tidus

Ethnicity: Imperial

Tidus Aticus, a famed emperor and renowned re-builder the northern Wall, was born in Peregoth in 211 Y.E. He joined the Imperial Army in his youth and, over the course of many years, moved up the ranks as he helped complete the conquest of the Anthanian peninsula. He became a centurion and then a tribune. During the final battles of Anthanian conquest, he so distinguished himself as a leader that he was appointed legate over the Seventh Anthanian Legion.

At age 40, Tidus Aticus received honors from the Imperial Council and, upon the death of the emperor Rexus in 252 Y.E., he was nominated and then unanimously voted emperor. He used his tenure as emperor to explore what is now the province of Gad, following the famous road that led from Anthania up through the densely forested region. To his surprise, he found a partially ruined wall which stretched from the sea in the west all the way to mountains in the east. He followed the road which bypassed the wall and found himself in what is now called the Kingdom of Zarubain. He met the king of Zarubain, Hernattus, and established a trade route with the kingdom. The road, which led from Imperial City to Zarubad, was thereafter named the Path of Tidus.

After claiming the ruined wall for the Empire, he spent the remainder of his term rebuilding it. He stationed two legions on the Wall despite the objections of the Thenoan Kingdom.

More than 700 years later, the High Priest of the Imperial Cult deified Tidus Aticus. By that time, the Atici knightly family had been extinguished in the male line, with no one bearing its name.

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