Benesti Gilthas

Ethnicity: Elf (Lamen)
Nationality: Lamen
Born: 742 A.H. / 426 Y.E.
Age: 725

Benesti Gilthas (translation “Benesti the Great”) is the lord of the fortress-town of Lunadrias. His nicknames include Luné Lamoren (translation “Light of the Lamen”) and Luni esti Danthemaren (“Danthemari’s shining star”). In his time he was a great warrior, though he has grown feebler in his old age.

Born to relatives of then-king Gilesti Danirias, he was brought up in the house of his father, Benesti Lunitar (“Benesti the Radiant”). The grandfather of Benesti Gilthas—whose name, also, was Benesti—was a casualty of the first Shadow War.

In the 800s A.H. (500s YE), Benesti Gilthas fought alongside Solgaressi in the Rokahn Wars. He has written a long biography on the famed warrior and his noble death.

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