The magi, wielders of flame and priests of the fire god, form a tier of the upper class in the Fharese Empire.


A long time ago, in a tiny village, a young boy befriended an efreet. Efreet, creatures of pure fire, were xenophobic and cruel. Yet this efreet took a liking to small, frail Iman. Iman was taught all about fire and its sacred nature. He became a powerful sorcerer and a priest of the efreeti god Athra. Iman was the first of the magi.


The magi order is ancient and is said to predate even the Fharese Empire itself. The magi double as high priests of Fharese religion and wielders of supernatural power. As devout followers of Athra, lord of flame, the magi revere fire as a manifestation of divine power.

Fharese custom demands they wear purple robes and white turbans. They wield staffs which are shaped like shepherd’s crooks.

Magi have the power to shape and conjure flame. This art takes lifelong devotion and can be deadly to the unskilled. Many young magi die when a fire they conjured becomes uncontrollable.

The magi have their headquarters in the Grand Fire Temple on the slopes of Mount Agni outside Taifun. The archmagus is the highest ranking of the magi, answerable only to the Fharese king.

Magi can use chemicals and alchemical mixtures to create various kinds of potent fire: powdered fire, fire that can burn in water, fire which ignites on contact with water, fire which produces poisonous smoke, and more.


• Starting a fire in wild brush.
• Extinguishing or starting a campfire.
• Increasing the severity of a wildfire.
• Blasting a jet of flame.


• Calling up a column of fire from the sky.
• Hurling a fireball at an opponent.
• Unseen in recent times, summoning efreeti.

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