The Snowmen

Type: Monstrous

Druen listen eagerly to tales of the snowmen or “half-men” who wander the White Wastes. “Half-men” because, in the shape of their bodies, they resemble the sentient races of Varda; and yet clearly they do not possess a sentient mind. If not possessed by demons (a belief not easily discounted) the Snowmen have the minds and the temperament of wild beasts. They live only to kill and eat, and they love nothing more than the taste of druen (and human) flesh. They will stalk a lost druen traveler for days, waiting for the perfect time to snatch him and drag him to its icy den.

The snowmen tower over their prey, ranging in height from 10 to 12 feet (3 to 3.6 meters) and often weighing in excess 600 pounds. A coarse layer of white hair covers their purple skin.

For those foolish druen who journey through the White Waste, no sight is more unwelcome or terrifying than a snowman emerging from the blizzard landscape.

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