Pixids is a term which fairy priestesses use to describe a group of fey. Pixies, sprites, and pucks fall into this category. They are all human-shaped, though tiny, and have colorful wings.


Pixies resemble tiny humans with butterfly-like, gossamer wings. Schools of pixies often fly through the forests of Avenda, seeking nectar from flowers. Communal and social, they are led by a chief female who makes decisions for the school. They can cast glamours which turn them invisible to mortals.

Royal pixies are a rare breed known for their glowing purple-and-gold wings. They carry tiny bows and can shoot magic arrows which put enemies to sleep or catch on fire. They are solitary and do not associate with ordinary pixies.


Sprites, like their close cousins the pixies, resemble tiny winged humanoids. However, they fly so quickly, and their bodies emit such bright light, that they appear like shooting stars.

Like pixies, sprites are good hearted and harmless unless provoked. They spend much of their time racing each other through the treetops, leaving traces of luminous fairy dust behind, as well as feeding on nectar from flowers.