Hag Hollow

“You are not my nanny.”

“I am. And when you need my guidance—and you will need it in the troubles ahead—come only to Hag Hollow and know that I will not let my sisters eat you. Nor my son, and your brother, blessed Milkweed.”

“You killed all those harpies!”

“When we have satisfied Milkweed’s craving for raw flesh, we will stop the killing,” Nightshade said. “Until then, it is nothing less than necessary.” She paused. “Are you ready to return to the place of your birth? The killing is done in Kalamar; no more norgs will be harmed. You will be safe, but only for a while. Trouble will fall upon the land, and it will not be borne of hags, but by those you call the Big People.”

It dawned on Pirosha that he could not defeat Nightshade. If he could not beat her, he may as well accept her mercy. “So be it!” Pirosha cried. “Take me back to Kalamar, my home. I cannot imagine having a more frightening nanny…”

“It lies on you to protect Kalamar from the Big People.”

“So be it, nanny… and…”

He hesitated and looked at the green baby, gnawing on a bone.

“Brother. Nanny Nightshade… and Brother Milkweed,” Pirosha finally said, before the hag queen spirited him off in the wings of the night and delivered him onto his father’s bed.

Read more about the norgs in “The Halfling King: Enchanted Forest, Volume 1” and “Mushroom War: Enchanted Forest, Volume 2.”


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