Sons of Empire

Sons of Empire

Setting: The Empire and the Southern World
Timeline: Around 1100 Y.E.

The Empire speeds toward a new century, anticipating new heights of prosperity and power but finding its triumphant march forced to a stumble. An official visit from the northman king, Gylles vis Bretagne, is laced with ulterior motives and may lead to a disastrous war. While the supernatural forces of shadow grow beyond the border, elements within the governmental elite tighten the noose.

As the crisis deepens, six souls find themselves at the center of it all — six disparate lives, inexplicably yet intricately connected. Six SONS OF EMPIRE.

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The fourth novel of the Imperial Chronicles. Next, read The Will of Imperium.

Featured locations: The Empire, Khazidea, Eloesus, Zarubain
Featured people: Augurs

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