Unconquered Son

Unconquered SonSetting: The Empire
Time Period: circa 999 YE

The Empire teeters on the brink of collapse. A hedonistic teen assumes the throne under false pretenses while a slave rebellion erupts in the north. The southern King of Kings, sensing weakness, sets his eyes on his vulnerable foe.

In the midst of the growing tumult, a young man from the Empire’s hinterlands grudgingly heads to Imperial City. There, Claudio-Valens sees firsthand the weak, treasonous Imperial Council that aids foreign enemies, and finds himself at the center of the fight to save the country he loves.

What follows is a tale of desert queens and legionaries, of mad girls with great gifts and scheming highborn ladies, of gods both human and divine, that will forever transform the world they know.

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The first book of the Imperial Chronicles. Next, read Red Empire.

Featured Locations: The Empire, Eloesus, Khazidea
Featured People: The Seáni family, the Adamantus family

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